Nursery Curtains

Nursery Curtains

The children's room is a little magical world of the child, which stays in memory of which for all lifetime. Many psychologists believe that the decor of the nursery greatly affects the psyche of the child. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account all the details, which includes textile design.

How to choose material for curtains in the nursery

In choosing fabric, from which curtains will be made, it needs to consider several factors:

  • For ensuring greater safety for the child, it should be stop the choice for materials with a high level of environmental protection. Fabric should not be flammable.
  • Don't forget that curtains are quite accumulated dust in itself, which simply is contraindicated to children. Therefore it is best to stop the choice on the fabric, which is quite simple to care for.

For all the requirements natural cotton or linen are ideally suited. These materials give to the room a feeling of coziness and comfort. Of course, curtains of synthetic material can be purchased, but these only needs to be of the highest quality. It should not be skimped on the health and safety of child.

Nursery CurtainsNursery Curtains

The color of curtains

Choosing nursery curtains you should necessarily take into account the color scheme of the interior. If the room already has bright elements curtains is better to make plains. But if the design of the room is made in soft pastel colors, the curtains can be choose bright and colorful, then kids will pay attention for them and will develop their imagination.

Don’t cluttering the nursery with bright colors, because it will be very wearing for the child. Remember the Golden rule of "everything is good if it is in a measure".

Nursery CurtainsNursery Curtains

Other helpful advice in choosing curtains for the nursery

In time of choosing curtains it is best to focus on the sex and age of the child. For boys moms often choose dark blue, blue or green curtains and for girls they prefer crimson, pink and pastel shades. Kid’s curtains that were bought for the room of newborn, are not suitable for the child of 6-7 years old. Indeed in this age children are already forms their own feeling of style and parents should consider it.

Scientists have proven that color greatly affects to the human condition: green – is soothing, red – is invigorates, blue - is improves sleep.

If your child is very energetic and during the game uses different things, it is better to buy comparatively inexpensive curtains that in necessary can be replaced with new ones.

Do not delay buying curtains for a long time. It should harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. So consider the overall picture in advance.

To develop a child's feeling of style already in childhood, select bedspread and pillow for bed in match of curtains

The cornice should be mechanically strong and qualitatively, curtains should be well fitted on it and be easy to slide, so that this design could easily withstand anyone of the child's games.

Select original accessory for the curtains: pickup, pelmet or holder in the form of toys.

Nursery CurtainsNursery Curtains

Nursery CurtainsNursery Curtains